Fitch to chair, Breland to vice chair PERS Board of Trustees

July 6, 2017

Mississippi Treasurer Lynn Fitch has transitioned from vice chairman to chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS) for fiscal year 2018, which began July 1.

At the Board’s June 27 meeting, Fitch became chairman for fiscal year 2018, succeeding Dr. Randy McCoy, one of the Board’s two retiree representatives.

The Board then elected as its new vice chairman Kelly Breland, director of the Bureau of Administration for the Mississippi Department of Mental Health and one of the Board’s two state employee representatives.

The chairman presides at board meetings, appoints members of board committees, and can call special meetings. The vice chairman transitions to chairman after a year and serves as chairman when the current chairman is absent.

The 10-member PERS Board includes the state Treasurer, a gubernatorial appointee who is a member of PERS, two retirees, two state employees, and one representative each of public schools and community colleges, Institutions of Higher Learning, counties and municipalities. With the exception of the state Treasurer and the gubernatorial appointee, board members are elected to staggered six-year terms.